About Us

3D CONCEPT TOOLING Pvt Ltd incorporates the most advanced state of the art technologies in the fields of designing, manufacturing and quality control, coupled with vast experience and cutting edge professionalism, to produce highly reliable top-quality dies for high pressure die casting machine from 250 tonnes upto 3.000 tonnes. Multi cavity Low pressure die casting dies, large size Gravity die casting dies. In 2002, the company was certified ISO 9001 - 2008 certification, a major achievement guaranteeing the production process capable of supplying products and services that can meet the needs of an ever increasingly demanding global market.

The high technological level of the machines range, experience and know-how ensure the provision of complete, high quality and accurate equipments, tested at home, to meet the specific needs of valued customers.

Each mould is unique, special, customized and tailored to the customers needs. It's also at the heart of the production of many items that characterize the lives of every day. 3D is then able to achieve the particularity and uniqueness of each mould, thanks to years of experience, continued research focused on the improvement of materials, machines and production and process techniques.

All this puts the company among the leaders in the diecasting dies and moulds solutions.